Trekking in the Knuckles Range

Knuckles Mountains Trek



There are two options for this trek either you can go all the way to the top off the highest knuckle (1964 m) which in total is 18 km and takes 8 hours or you can go to a beautiful waterfall, which is an easier trek, only 10 km around 5 hours of moderate trekking.

The trek starts from basecamp after breakfast, and heads on up through tea plants on a nice easy road for the first 30 minutes. After this the climb starts going up using tea picker paths and heads into a low forest. After around 2 hours you reach an opening in the forest, and here you choose of you would like to carry on up to the top, or go to the waterfall.

To the top – 18 km (8 hours): This is a hard trek, where there are many very steep climbs towards the end. If you are pretty fit and like challenges this is a great trek, and an amazing experience to get to the top. On clear days you can see all the way to Adams Peak. On the way you also go past the “leopard’s rock”, a rock where leopards are said to often visit. The evidence in the form of leopard excrements and a deer skeleton are there. When you get to the top lunch is provided, before you begin the descent.

To the waterfall – 10 km (5 hours): This is a more moderate trek, but still requires you to be pretty fit. To get to the waterfall you have to follow a steep and narrow path for approximately 1 km.

The waterfall is well worth the effort, it is a beautiful big waterfall, high up in the mountainside. Here you can enjoy your lunch over-looking the valley, and have a nice swim before heading back down the mountain.

Costs $60 per person

After the trek you can choose either to sleep at the base camp, or go back to Welikande Villas for the night.


Helloya Trek– 15 km (6 hours)


The Helloya trek goes through beautiful rice terraces where you can see the local farmers working. There is a great variety of birds, flowers, plants and trees along the way as the scenery changes from rice terraces, to forest ending in tea plantations. This is a beautiful trek that can be enjoyed by all.

This trek is mainly on nice paths and has few steep climbs. It starts a few km from Welikande Villas, which only takes 10 minutes in a Tuk Tuk. After about an hour of walking there is a very small local tea shop, here you can have a cup of tea and also get to taste some local fruit and sweets.

After the break you walk on through the rice terraces for another 3-4 hours until you reach a beautiful waterfall where you have lunch and can go for nice swim. From the waterfall there is an hour walk to Base Camp where you can spend the night if you wish to trek on the next day, or get a ride back to Welikande Villas.

Base Camp is a primitive camp where you sleep in tents on mats under shelters. In the evening the dinner is barbecued, and there is a fire with singing and dancing. There is no electricity or hot water, but lots of atmosphere and fun.

Costs $50 per person