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The village walk is designed for a morning or afternoon excursion. Approx. two and a half hours 6 km. It is suitable for all abilities! We start at the hotel and the guide often Michael the owner takes you through the new spice plantation down into the established Spice gardens in Spice cottage describing the various spices and fruit trees as he goes.

Then we take to the small village road which is relatively flat and asphalted towards Siridigana Village along the way we can see Village life the local school and public washing area as well as saying Ayubowan ( Hello) to our neighbors on the way the area is Sub Tropical with many tropical trees and plants it’s a good chance to ask about Sri Lankan Village life.

After 3km we reach Siridigana Village the center of our little community where there is a post office and a weavers co-operative that is set up as Government initiative for the older ladies of the community, as a place they can come and weave on very simple hand looms the material for Saris, Sarongs and table cloths we have received permission to buy the material at wholesale prices so it’s very reasonable and good quality. We call it “the gossip shop!”

In the village is the local Buddhist temple and where we can walk around the Picture house and Stupa sometimes the young monks will come out to chat.

There is an Ambalama, which each village has as a meeting place and an overnighting place for visitors.

Then we walk back to Welikande Villas for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

At weekends and festival holidays some of the shops may be closed.

The cost is $25 per person rebate for more than 2 people.







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