About Welikande Villas

The Guest in the Sky

Welikande Villas is a family owned and run Hotel and Trekking center! Michael an Englishman by birth and Tushari his partner Sri Lankan by birth, want Welikande Villas to be a Home from Home experience for our guests.

They live and work here with help from their family, 3 full time staff a part time cook and the irrepressible Nipuna who truly is a multi- talented man, not only is he one of the best guides in Sri Lanka he also cooks like an angel and runs our popular cookery course.

In High season July to October and December to April we often bring in a few extra local people to help particularly Janneka, another one of our guides and a really great help and support.

Many people ask Michael how he came to be here and what “is the story behind Welikande Villas”?

The Short answer is Rugby Michael Played Rugby as a school boy and the previous owner Ajith was the Rugby trainer for Sri Lanka. They were brought together by another Rugby player the estate agent who was one of Ajiths former players.

It was love at first sight in 2011 for Michael even though 6 houses and 9 acres of Land wasn’t what he envisaged when he had come back to Sri Lanka to buy a “Summer House”.

Welikande was originally a children’s home that gave 26 young girls a training in domestic jobs ironing, sewing, etc. This allowed the girls that were wards of the court to have a new start in life and was so successful that the charity had received funding to buy a larger property.

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